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‘It smelled like rain outside, the air damp like it only was for a few weeks a year. He’d laugh about the irony if it didn’t burn his chest again, laugh about how it had started raining the week before Christmas and hadn’t really stopped. Chris pushed the window shut, trying to ignore the way it smelled like rain in here too. His bathroom smelled like a mountaintop in spring, and he tried to hold his breath while he brushed his teeth, turned the light off and closed the door behind him.’

An 800 word ficlet, set the night Darren returns from NY after How to Succeed. PG.

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To Sir, With Love - Chapter 9


Title: To Sir, With Love
Rating: NC-17 (eventually)
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I don’t own Kurt or Blaine unfortunately. Or anyone else in Glee for that matter. Or any people in general. 
Summary: Professor Blaine Anderson needs to loosen up a little. Graduating senior Kurt Hummel may be just what he needs.

Warnings: Smut. Dub-con/non-con in the last chapter.

Cowritten with the wonderful myfriendthedictionary.

Beta’d by the amazing Brandy.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

The Fugitive


Recommended by several persistent anons.

Title: The Fugitive
Author: Highway Lights
Rating: T

One day, Blaine Anderson is forced by rain to take shelter in a nearby gas station. Upon arriving, he is drawn to a boy covered in tattoos with spiked hair and a packet of cigarettes. For some reason, Blaine is drawn to this rebel, and his image haunts Blaine’s mind until their paths cross again.

Sounds predictable, right? The rebel is Kurt, Blaine is drawn to his badboy ways, they avoid each other for a while until they both can’t stand it and have wild, passionate sex. Wrong, wrong, you could not be more wrong. The Fugitive is a wing!fic and as with all wing!fics is heavy with angst and feelings (hence, why I avoid them). It’s sweet in the way that makes you want to cry your eyes out and scream to the heavens of the unfairness of the world. It’s actually written quite well as you wouldn’t know about Kurt his wings are revealed, had you not been told at the start that it’s a wing!fic and while the angst is heavy, there is just the right amount to avoid it being ridiculous.

You take my breath away - Coffee.

Fic: Up Against a Wall (NC-17)


Rating: NC-17
Pairing/Character(s): Chris/Darren
Author Notes: Sort of Dani’s prompt, but I based it around today.

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Soo here I go again! With another Crisscolfer prompt.
Basically, in my head, Darren is an extremely physical person, as in, he needs to touch people, hug his friends, hold hands, and he’s very forward about kissing at parties etc too.
But he doesn’t only like it, he literally needs it, and he also needs sex, needs to be close to someone he cares about. 
Now, ever since Glee started, he had zero time to find someone or to even notice his own situation, until he grows more and more miserable about it, but pushed the thought away because he feels stupid ‘just thinking about sex’.
One night, him and Chris get to hang out and have one or two beer, and Darren ends up breaking down and pours his heart out in front of Chris. 
Chris might not feel the same way, actually he is far more careful about physical contact, but he still understands him.
To make it short, they end up having long, tender, gentle, intense sex that makes Darren feel whole again.

Bonus for …
*sweaty/cummy (????) cuddling afterwards
*possible relationship starter?

I’ll love you forever! I guess I already do though. :3

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His breath caught in his throat.

A foot in front of him was the blackened stage, hushed on the brink of the orchestra’s swell and exactly three feet to the left of him, was Darren.

Slick-haired, button-tight, powder-fresh Darren, who took one look at him and beamed, not even just on the outside, but from within. He shone.’

An 1100 word ficlet in which Chris does go to see Darren in NY. Other reunion ficlet here.

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Klaine Fanfic: Chapter 1

Title: Someone Blaine Can’t Have 

Rating: M (for this chapter. Rating may go up for future chapters).

Warnings: language, sexual references, Anderberry Siblings AU, badboy!blaine, cheerio!kurt, cheerio!rachel, badgirl!quinn, Klaine (to come in later chapters), Faberry (to come in later chapters), Blaine/Quinn best friends, Hummelberry bestfriends. 

Future Chapter Warnings: Later chapters may have a higher rating. Smut, underage drinking, drug use, violence, angst may well come up soon.

Summary: Blaine and Quinn are best friends who do everything together. They’re also good at getting into trouble. Badboy!blaine is convinced he can get anyone he wants and makes a bet with Quinn that he can get one of his sister Rachel’s Cheerio friends to have sex with him. Managing to win the Cheerios over is harder than he first imagines, especially when it comes to Kurt Hummel. The one boy Blaine just can’t seem to have.

This is the first piece of Klaine fanfiction I’ve had a go at writing. (I’ve written other fanfiction but none based on Glee so far). I’d really appreciate if someone could read it and tell me what they thought. I’m not going to post anymore of this fic for now unless you message me and say that you want me to post more.

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GRot21C Chapter 7b update


Title: A Better Way to Fall in Love (Ch.7b/12)
Rating: NC-17 (NC-17 this part)
Warnings: College AU, language, sex, underage drinking, triple angst, major Klaine, major Niff, Nick/Kurt, Blaine/Jeff, Kurt/Warbler(Jon Hall’s character), cheating (past), frat boys, drug use (minor now)
Summary: ”Original Songs” never happened, and Kurt and Blaine didn’t start dating until their freshman year of college when they were roommates. At the end of their freshman summer, Kurt did something he really regrets, and now it’s sophomore year, and bad decisions are about to be made, mostly out of love. It’s college, and sometimes, getting a blow job is way more important than studying.

Chapter 7b @ LJ

A Collection of Klaine; Told You So


Rating:  G
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Warnings: None
Summary: Kurt knows Blaine gets into trouble a lot. This is no different.

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Fic: Powerful


During English this evening, my professor had us discuss the power of words on a person. From that came a 5+1 idea of how words affected Kurt. PG-13, includes mega angst, death (Kurt’s mom), homophobia, and oblivious!Blaine.

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